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UNDRA – Entdecke die Welt der Islandpferde!

UNDRA bietet die Möglichkeit, die wichtigsten Informationen rund um die faszinierende Welt des Islandpferdes zu entdecken – von Verkaufspferden und Deckhengsten über Urlaube sowie wissenswerte Neuigkeiten bündelt UNDRA ein reichhaltiges, internationales Angebot in nur einer Plattform!

Nutzern wird ermöglicht, sich umfassend rund um Island & Islandpferde zu informieren und so die große Vielfalt an Angeboten in einer Schnittstelle zu überblicken.

Werbetreibenden und Dienstleistern wird eine Plattform eröffnet, um Kunden in attraktiven Werbeformaten oder Premium-Angeboten zielgerichtet anzusprechen, ohne diverse Kanäle zu bespielen!

📩 Für Anliegen rund um Werbeschaltung, Kooperationen oder die Plattform bitte Kontakt aufnehmen unter: info@undra.net
Wir freuen uns auf deine/Ihre Mail.

Island & Islandpferde.
Auf einer Plattform.



UNDRA – Discover the world of Icelandic horses!

UNDRA offers the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of the Icelandic Horse – from salehorses & stallions to vacations on Iceland as well as interesting news, UNDRA bundles a unique, extensive and international range of services in just one platform!

UNDRA enables users to obtain comprehensive information about Iceland & Icelandic Horses and thus, to discover the wide variety of offers in one interface.

It also offers advertisers and service providers a platform to target customer in attractive advertising formats or premium offers – without using various channels!

📩 For cooperations, advertisement or feedback, please send us an email: info@undra.net. We look forward to your message!

Iceland & Icelandic Horses.
Digital & international.
In one platform.

UNDRA – Current insights:

  • 22.000 unique users since February 2022 (as of September 2022)
  • 100.000 clicks per month (tendency of growth)
  • Ranking of user countries: Germany, Austria, Iceland, Denmark

Join us & grow with us!



From now on, we implement a subscription-based model on undra.net.

What does that mean?

  • More visibility for paid adverts
  • 1 Sales Horse is free for everyone
  • All adverts in the marketplace (second hands, job vacancies, horse search etc.) are for free

The subscription options become relevant if you want to upload:

      *More than 1 sales horse
      *Stud stallions
      *Your stable or farm
      *Your shop or a brand

You can subscribe to one of our offers:

  1. PREMIUM subscription: You are free to upload a total of 5 sales horses and/or stud stallion (suitable for resellers with up to 5 sales horses at a time or breeders/stallion owners)
  2. PREMIUM PLUS subscription: You earn a flat rate to upload as many sales horses & stud stallions as you like as well as your stable or farm (suitable for resellers with more than 5 sales horses at a time, breeders and those who want to advertise their stable or farm for horse pension, young horse rearing or vacation for example)
  3. SHOPS & BRANDS subscription: You are free to upload your shop or your brand to advertise yourself as well as your products. You can link every product to your online shop, share news and special offers as well as show your whole portfolio to all users of nundra.net.

See more info on our subscription overview.

What is new?

  • From now on, YouTube & Vimeo-Videos can get imbedded in all ads – pimp your adverts and get even more interest!
  • You can push your ads: By purchasing ad pushes, you can promote your ad and push it to the top of the advertisement lists as well as display it on the landing page
  • We optimized the whole site and are happy to now deliver faster and better service in many sections of the platform

What is important?

  • All ads which have been uploaded so far, will remain on undra.net. We will not delete them. *In case that you now purchase a PREMIUM subscription but had more than 5 sales horses or stud stallions online beforehand, we will activate your latest 5 adverts. In case you want to change this selection, please deactivate some of the ads you wish to disappear and then activate up to 5 others.
  • Social Media Linkage: From now on, we will only share PRMEIUM/PLUS, SHOPS & BRANDS as well as pushed adverts on our social media. So if you do not have any subscription (where the linkage is included), you can push your ad individually and we link your ad to our social media
  • We’ve got you covered: As with all new releases – some problems or errors may arise. If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our developer team is on hold to fix any issues and our biggest aim is to deliver very good service and to make all users and advertisers happy. In case of problems, best to contact us via info@undra.net.
  • We are still improving the site: In case of you having ideas for improvement, find some spelling mistakes or similar, we are always happy about feedback via info@undra.net.
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