Hvammstangi, Island


We are Kathi (26) and Alex (31) and originally come from Germany. We have been living in Iceland for about four years now and had the chance to get to know and love the country and the culture and gain a lot of great experiences, for which we are incredibly grateful. We soon realized that we wanted to stay in Iceland permanently. 2022 was just an incredible year for us because we fulfilled our biggest dream and finally settled down in Iceland. In the beautiful north-west of the country, on the Vatnsnes peninsula, we have acquired the farm Þorfinnsstaðir and the hotel Hvítserkur. We moved to our new home this fall and are currently working at full speed on renovating the hotel by next spring and open it in April 2023 as well as building changing the sheep house into horse stables. "Vængsstaðir" is our Icelandic breeding name since 2016 and we will continue using it as Vængsstaðir horsebreeding and Vængsstaðir horsetraining. Our service includes horsetraining, riding lessons and clinics, breeding mares and young horses fields, sale horses and more. Starting up young horses and educating them according to the horses talent and purpose is our passion, we believe a healthy and well educated horse makes their rider happiest! ;) Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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  • Horse training
  • Riding instructor
  • Breeding
  • Young horse rearing
  • Hotel



Number of horses



Guest paddocks, Guest boxes, Holiday apartments, Hotel, Guided rides, Beach rides

Special needs

Single-housed, Laminitis suitable, Emergency boxes, Breeding, Young horse rearing, Breeding mares

Pension system

Inside box, Box with paddock, Groups, Mixed groups, Separated groups

Scope of service

All inclusive


Gastronomy, Sales horses, Stud stallions, Horse training, Riding instructor, Training, Trail riding, Riding courses


Katharina Kujawa, Alexander Uekötter

Animals besides Icelandic horses


Grazing area

300 ha


Roundpen, Riding trails, Trailer parking, Parking spaces, Summer pasture, Winter pasture, Dogs welcome


Internship, Temp

Stables & Farms
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