WC 2023

Get ready for the WC 2023 in the Netherlands

World Championships 2023 in Oirtschot!

WC 2023


It’s time to start our new and incredible ride…

In summer 2023, Oirschot (NL) is the place to be for the Icelandic horse community. The World Championships for Icelandic Horses are the opportunity to experience the biggest stars in breeding and sports. Horses and riders travel from all over the world to compete for the medals. And there is more: shopping, lectures, food, drinks and great company.

In short

  • 300+ participants from 19 countries
  • Unparalleled riding: fast and fabulous
  • 50.000+ Icelandic horse fans in one place!
  • Accessible and welcoming atmosphere
  • Lectures, shopping and a party every night

Programme online

Every day is a celebration during the World Championships! From the first training on the tracks to the last finals and the closing ceremony. Let the games begin!

Tickets online

Did you already buy your tickets for the World Championships 2023? if not, click here:  https://www.wc2023.nl/tickets/

Or join as a volunteer

Did you know the whole organization of the World Championships is made up of volunteers? And would you like to join this great team and make a difference? Share your talents and make WC2023 the best experience for horses, riders, officials, visitors, press and of course the other volunteers. https://www.wc2023.nl/volunteers/


Images & Text: WC 2023

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