Field report

Field report: Strong-Horse (1)


Strong-Horse is a special product that is unique worldwide and has already been used with great success in the treatment of summer eczema in the summer of 2020/2021. Application observations were also carried out on more than 40 horses.

It contains a large number of natural active ingredients that are perfectly matched and complement each other synergistically.

The manufacturing process of “micro-nutrient activation” guarantees a very high bio-availability. This means that even small amounts of Strong-Horse are enough to achieve rapid healing success. The recipe is based on Ayurveda. It was developed on the basis of human products that have been on the market for 12 years.

The anti-inflammatory properties of frankincense, curcumin and linseed oil, which have been traditionally described since ancient times, are used and their effect is enhanced by a patented biophysical process. Also contain: combination of vital substances (e.g. zinc, folic acid, B vitamins, biotin, vitamin C), cell booster (alginic acid complex), clinoptilolite and immunoshift. These natural substances can be classified in the group of TNF-alpha inhibitors.

Field report

Fjord horse – Felix, gelding, 400kg, 1.38cm, born 01.06.2000

Felix has been suffering from severe sweet itch since 2014 with itching all over his body and open spots on his legs. All symptoms have improved significantly after a period of 15 days with 2×1 measuring spoon of Strong Horse, the wound healing has started, the itching is only slightly present.

In the further course, the horse was symptom-free from the second month over the entire observation period up to August.

The owner rates the tolerability and effectiveness as “very good”.

Intake recommendation:
Depending on the severity of sweet itch and weight, add 1 – 3 measuring spoons to the feed daily.

Ingestion Duration:
Depending on the problem, we recommend the continuous use of Strong-Horse from April to October. As a preventive treatment, 2-3 months in spring are sufficient. Sufficient for 4-6 weeks


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