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*NEW* Hrímnir Heritage Saddle


The new Hrímnir Heritage Saddle

is our newest saddle model. It combines Icelandic tradition, elegance and innovation with the latest technology and knowledge of well-known professional riders.

The Hrímnir Heritage was developed and tested in cooperation with established trainers such as Viðar Ingólfsson and Arnar Bjarki Sigurðarson.

This model unites the most popular features of our saddles. The patented AMS® synthetic wool panels allow best universal fit on different horses. The design of the saddle also includes new features, such as the double flap and anatomic knee rolls.

Hrímnir Heritage clearly stands out for its distinctive look with a beautiful viking pattern on the flap and elegant metal plate at the cantle, which reminds of Icelandic culture.

It was designed according to the principles of classical riding, having its deepest point in the middle of the seat which guarantees optimal weight distribution. Its seat and knee blocks support the rider’s position very well in an extraordinary comfortable way. The Hrímnir soft seat with an additional layer of BayFlex® foam offers superior comfort and safety.

The high quality DuPont® Flex tree and the patented AMS® synthetic wool panels padding guarantee optimal weight distribution on the horse’s back. This provides stability, flexibility and maximum comfort for the horse. The very short/upswept panels are ideal to use on multiple horses. The patented AMS® synthetic wool panels are softer and kinder to the horse’s back, and combined with the wider channel, encourage the horse to lift and use its back more effectively, while providing the rider with a smoother, shock absorbing ride.

The XChange® gullet plate system makes it easy to adjust the saddle width yourself easily for individual conformation or muscular changes in the horse. (The saddle comes with a head gullet in size Wide).

The Heritage saddle is entirely made of the best quality leather available on the market, as well as high- tech materials. The leather was herbal and chrome tanned. Therefore, it is softer and features a better color quality.

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