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The big update!

*Upload VIDEOS 🎥
*Enjoy our PREMIUM offers 🏅
*Discover our improvements 💥

We now integrated the subscription-based model on

➡️ What does that mean?

*More visibility for paid ads
*1 Sales horse can be set up free of charge for all users
*All ads in the marketplace (second hands, job offers, horse search, etc.) are free of charge

➡️ Our subscription options will be relevant to you if you want to upload:

*More than 1 horse for sale
*Your stable or farm
*Your shop or brand

The following subscriptions can be booked:

  • PREMIUM subscription: Up to 5 sales horses and/or stud stallions can be uploaded (➡️ recommended for sellers with up to 5 horses for sale at the same time or for breeders/stallion owners).
  • PREMIUM PLUS subscription: You receive a flat rate for uploading any amount of sales horses & stud stallions and you can advertise your stable/farm (➡️ recommended for sellers with more than 5 sales horses at the same time, for breeders and all those who want to advertise their stable/farm for horse pension, young horse rearing, vacation, horse trips and more).
  • SHOPS & BRANDS subscription: You can upload your shop or brand, promote it and present your products/offers/services. Any product can be linked to your online shop to generate immediate purchases.

➡️ Learn more about the benefits in our subscription overview.


Besides subscriptions, what’s new since the update?

  • YouTube & Vimeo videos can be embedded in all ads – pimp up your ads and generate even more interest!
  • Ads can be pushed: By purchasing ad pushes, your ads can be pushed to the top of lists as well as appearing on UNDRA’s landing page

We have optimized the entire website and are happy to now be able to offer a faster and better service in many areas of the platform

What is important?

  • All advertisements uploaded so far remain on We have not deleted these.
    (*In the event that you want to place new advertisements and do not book a PREMIUM-PLUS, but a PREMUM subscription, your 5 most recent sales horses/stud stallions advertisements will be activated. If you want to activate other than these 5 advertisements, first deactivate those that should no longer be displayed and then activate up to 5 others.)
  • Social media link: From now on, we only share PREMIUM/PREMIUM-PLUS, SHOPS & BRANDS ads and pushed ads on our social media (all ads, which have been uploaded until now, will still be shared 🤗).
    (*If you only want to sell 1 horse, you do not need to book a subscription, but you can push this ad in your “My ads” overview. It will then be pushed to the top of the sales list, displayed on UNDRA’s landing page and shared on our social media .)
  • We’ve got you covered: As with all updates, there may occur problems or errors in the system. We ask for your understanding. If you have any problems, please contact us via
  • We are constantly improving If you can think of any suggestions for improvement, we look forward to receiving feedback via



And discover the world of Icelandic horses 🇮🇸

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