It's a match!

It's a match - Ulrike finds her dream horse on!

Ulrike T.

How I found my dream horse on

“My own horse” – these words still sound unreal to me, even though Mídas has been with me for a few months now. When I think about it, I have actually always had the desire to own my own horse someday.

For a long time I had different riding partnerships, because an own horse was not possible due to school, stays abroad, training, studying and last but not least: Corona. But especially the Corona time made me realize how important it is to follow your own dreams.

So I looked through sales ads on the Internet and thought about which characteristics were especially important to me regarding my own horse. I talked with friends at the stable and finally talked a lot with my trainer. She gave me the tip to make a list of things that are particularly important to me.

So then I went out early this year and started looking at horses and trying them out. I looked at 2 horses and tested them. I could have taken both of them straight away, they are all so sweet and lovely 😉 After both visits I talked to my trainer and she always brought me back to reality and reminded me of my list.

Later, I found the platform Here, I was able to filter the advertisements, so I could directly enter some of my wishes and narrow down the search.

And then the ad of Mídas appeared and I knew right away: he had everything I wanted! But I also thought that he would be sold quickly anyways – and I could not make such a huge deicision in a short period of time. So I tried to forget about his advertisement and I was busy at work, Corona got in the way again and so the time passed.

But I couldn’t get the ad out of my head and when he was still online a few weeks later, I decided that I had to take a look at this gelding. So the following weekend I went with a friend to get to know him and to try him out. And of course I liked him right from the first moment. Age, gait, size, conformation, temperament, even the color was right, but even more important: his look and his character was and is perfect for me. I then went there one more time to also try him out outside.

But to be honest: I knew that it was him or none. Also my trainer said, if you don’t take him, I don’t know what to do 🙂 So it was clear that Mídas would indeed move in with me. Days of organization, to-do lists and shopping followed. Time flew by and there it was, the day we picked up “my horse”.

Since then we have already experienced a lot together, of course not everything is always perfect and easy. Most importantly, I had to learn to find our way and decide what is good for us. Giving you and the horse time to grow together is so important and worth it. Every time I am happy to come to the stable when he looks at me with his great eyes.

I already can’t imagine my life without him!


Thank you, dear Ulrike, for these insights and your feedback! We wish you all the best with your Mídas and are happy that you have found each other.

Images & Text: Ulrike T.

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