Interview with Indira Scherrer from 'Reithof Neckertal'

Indira Scherrer presents the facility and offers of 'Reithof Neckertal'

Interview with Indira Scherrer from 'Reithof Neckertal'


Located in beautiful Switzerland you will find the ‘Reithof Neckertal’ in Brunnadern.

Run by Sandra Scherrer (IPV CH sports judge, IPV CH trainer, J&S leader, trainer and expert OdA horse professions, businesswoman), Roger Scherrer (president of IPV CH, international sports judge license (FEIF), responsible for events) and Indira Scherrer (businesswoman EFZ, 2022-2024 training as a horse specialist EFZ) it makes hearts of Icelandic horses and riders beat faster.

The well-maintained facility has an indoor riding arena, a 250m oval track, a 300m pace track, roofed paddocks, over 45 hectares of pastures and fields, an aqua trainer, a lunging circle as well as a cozy “Reiterstübli”, a dressage arena, an equipment shop and the Neckertal vacation apartments.

In addition to a riding school and riding lessons, the team also offers
the training of young horses, as well as riding courses,
riding vacations, events,
sales horses  and stallions for breeding.

In 2009, Reithof Neckertal hosted the Icelandic Horse World Championships and in 2014 the Middle European Championships.

At the end of November 2022, the UNDRA team visited Reithof Neckertal. Indira presents the facility & offers:

Check out the profile of Reithof Neckertal with their current sales horses and stud stallions here.

About Reithof Neckertal:

“Everything the Icelandic horse heart desires.

The Neckertal riding stable leaves nothing to be desired for the Icelandic horse heart. The excellent infrastructure, the large offer and the professional competence meet the highest demands.

You will not only receive a solid basic training (lunge lessons, group or private lessons in the riding hall, in the dressage arena or on the oval track), but we also offer special lessons and brevet courses in gaits, obedience or skill riding.

Children and teenagers enjoy riding vacations with us. This includes daily riding lessons indoors and outdoors together with theory, games and fun around the horse. If you are looking for a place for your Icelandic horse, you are at the right address. Whether it is for your riding horse or for foal rearing – there is enough space on over 45 hectares of farmland.

Are you looking for an Icelandic horse? We always have some horses for sale. Either these are from our own breeding or from our partners in Iceland. All accessories for Icelandic horses are available in our riding store.

Training of Icelandic horses:
We train Icelandic horses of all ages; whether breaking in young horses or corrective riding of riding horses.

Young horses are broken in carefully and calmly. Solid groundwork is very important to us. First we work them from the ground, then they are broken in according to their age. The horses should be trained and developed for their later use in leisure or sport. We also attach great importance to the horses being safe in the field and in traffic. We would be happy to inform you personally about our training concept.

For riding horses we offer a professional riding and training service – usually in cooperation with the owner.

Training of your horse
The goal of every cooperation between rider and horse is, as is well known, the greatest possible harmony. This naturally includes a horse that is capable and willing to perform. However, sometimes moments arise in the life of a rider/horse pair in which the harmony is impaired.

In such a case, but also if you want to develop further with your horse, we are happy to help you with advice and action. Our training and further education concept is just as individual as your wishes.

Riding school
We attach great importance to a solid basic and further training of all riding students.

Riding beginners first learn balance and a well-balanced, rein-independent seat on the lunge before they can join the group lessons. Lungeing lessons are held in the indoor arena or in the lungeing circle. The 1st lunge lesson is a full hour of learning to groom, saddle and bridle horses before riding.

After the lungeing lessons you can choose between group lessons, semi-private or private lessons. We offer various group riding lessons from Monday to Saturday with different requirements.

For the more advanced riders, we offer gait/trot lessons – this is also in groups, semi-private or private. The semi-private or private lessons are arranged individually. For students who wish to obtain the SVPS riding certificate, two SVPS certificate courses are held each year.

From Monday to Friday the riding students take part in the course, followed by the exam on Saturday. Call us, we are sure to find the right riding group and training for you.”

Learn even more about Reithof Neckertal on their website:


Thank you, dear Indira, for your time and insights!

Image: Reithof Neckertal

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